Secure and simplify 3270 access

3270 applications need to be accessed by users from outside the company. In many cases, this could imply complex VPN architecture to enforce security, and high deployment and support costs.

Virtel’s thin-client two-tier architecture simplifies the deployment and support compared to client or middle-tier server based products. There is nothing to install or support outside the mainframe: no client apps and no middle-tier servers. The installation and support are 100% host-based. Users simply point their web browsers to an installation-defined URL to reach the logon menu.

Virtel also combines industry-standard mainframe (RACF, ACF2, TSS) and IP (Proxy, SSO, MFA, SAML...) security with a proprietary token-based system. Virtel customers no longer need a VPN to secure their mainframe access: significant savings could be realized in licensing and support costs.