Virtel web Suite for the mainframe

Extend the relevancy of mainframe systems: expose business critical applications as web GUIs and web API's

Virtel is a simple, fast, powerful, and cost-effective solution to convert the proven business logic of legacy applications (CICS, IMS, Natural, Ideal, TSO…) into new and dynamic web applications. With Virtel, mainframe applications look and behave like true web applications at a fraction of the cost, risk and duration of redevelopment, replacement, or rehosting strategies.

The Virtel software Suite is developed on a unique and original architecture, which makes it an attractive alternative when it comes to mainframe systems’ evolution . It also allows a gradual implementation, following the rhythm of multiple needs thanks to various application modules.

You can also have a look at our partner SDS’ mainframe dedicated network, encryption & security solutions.

Web Access

Upgrade from 3270 emulator to pure TCP/IP web emulation: this Virtel module securely extends 3270 IBM applications to web browsers with the classic green screen presentation and ergonomics.

  • Nothing to install or support outside the host
  • Instant deployment: simply point the clients' browsers to the predefined URL
  • Works with any browser, platform or OS (mobile devices, Apple products, new versions of Windows…)
  • Recommended for BYOD, Virtual Desktop Initiative, Disaster Recovery, and to replace client 3270 terminal emulation
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Web Modernization

Turn 3270 green screens into modern GUIs: this Virtel module creates rich web pages that combine 3270 data streams with JavaScript widgets and AJAX-based application features.

  • Assisted data entry: checkboxes, dropdown lists, graphical calendars, auto-suggest, auto-complete…
  • AJAX features: suggest, auto-complete, PDF and email generation…
  • Layout and workflow: tab navigation, collapsible sections…
  • Can serve different presentations to different users (3270 terminal emulation, WUI/GUI, mobile UI) concurrently
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Web Integration

Integrate mainframe and server applications for SOA or WOA architectures: this Virtel module creates interactive bidirectional APIs between mainframe and web applications, e.g. web services (REST, JSON, or MQ) that consume 3270 transactions.

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