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Customer Case Studies

  • Virtel icon AG2R replaces their terminal emulation and multi-session solutions with Virtel Web Access
  • Virtel icon P&V replaces 3270 emulation with thin-client web access thanks to Virtel Web Access
  • Virtel icon Fraikin uses Virtel Web Access as part of its VDI enablement strategy to replace 3270 emulation mainframe access
  • Virtel icon Atos web-enables a mainframe CICS application thanks to Virtel Web Modernization
  • Virtel icon PSA chooses Virtel Web Modernization to grant web access to a mainframe application with record ROI
  • Virtel icon CA-CF implements Virtel Web Integration to inject data into IMS from an external HTTP server
  • Virtel icon MFP Services creates a dialog between a WebSpere portal and a CICS application with Virtel Web Integration


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Product Overviews

  • Virtel icon Virtel Web Suite: serve host applications as web pages or web services over TCP/IP connections
  • Virtel icon Virtel Web Access: upgrade from 3270 terminal emulation to thin-client TCP/IP web access
  • Virtel icon Virtel Web Modernization: serve host transactions as user-friendly web pages for a genuine web experience
  • Virtel icon Virtel Web Integration: create interactive bidirectional connections between mainframe and web applications


Virtel Web Suite Virtel Web Access Virtel Web Modernization Virtel Web Integration

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  • Virtel iconThe mainframe citizen of the web: secure the application investment
  • Virtel icon Developments in mainframe access: controlling costs and mastering new uses (BYOD, Cloud, mobility...)
  • Virtel icon Adding value to the mainframe: boost your mainframe by increasing its interactions with the web


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