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End of Java plug-in and 3270 emulation: what alternatives to access mainframe applications?

Oracle no longer supports its Java plug-in for browsers, technology integrated in many of the present 3270 terminal emulation solutions… What are the alternatives to simply access mainframe applications?

Ensure the coexistence of your mainframe applications and the web! Three strategies to achieve a progressive migration of your legacy applications

The migration of mainframe applications has to be progressive, code portion after code portion, making the project last from 5 to 10 years.
To avoid generating useless overhead costs and putting the company’s activity on hold, the integration between the two worlds must be made without modifying the existing code, in order to remain simple and quick to implement .

Opening the mainframe and boosting it by increasing web interactions

Far from being killed off by the evolution of the Internet, the mainframe has demonstrated its capacity to evolve with new web technologies, providing unique server performances and transaction capacities that cannot be matched by distributed servers. Today, Cloud technologies can be easily integrated and supported within a mainframe environment. Several scenarios are possible to adapt mainframe systems…

Innovation: SysperTec’s experts speak on mainframe architecture evolutions

With the emergence of Cloud and mobile technologies, SysperTec’s teams address some technical and architectural mainframe issues for a smoother interaction between mainframe and web environments.