Testimonial: P&V Assurances chooses a Pure Web solution to access its CICS applications

P&V Assurances, a Belgian company with a network of 300 independent dealers, chooses a “pure web” solution to allow its agents to easily and securely access its business applications, regardless of their hardware, software, or web browser.

Rethinking solutions for accessing business applications

In the past, P&V Assurances provided its agents with the computer hardware needed to access all of their business applications. For those who wanted to choose their own equipment, the company had to find a more flexible solution just as stable and secure.

A solution for accessing CICS applications on any client workstation

Directly installed on the mainframe, this kind of solution:

  • provides secure access to CICS applications from any web browser
  • ensures total freedom regarding the workstation (hardware, brand, operating system, web browser)
  • needs nothing to install on the client workstation (no Java applets, no plug-ins)
  • has a reasonable cost
  • is fast and simple to implement, requiring no deployment whatsoever

A quick and effective implementation

This pure web solution requires no deployment and thus no client workstation maintenance either. Users simply need a special URL with signature-protected secure access, once the session is active, the solution performs better than a traditional emulator. The agents can now securely connect to all of their business applications.
Another goal is to help the IT support team’s with their issues by allowing access to CICS application from any type of remote workstation.