Connecting heterogeneous devices to the mainframe using Pure Web access technologies

The professional workplace has evolved with the development of smart devices: nowadays, it’s more likely to be mobile, globally situated, and open 24/7. Yet, despite this evolution, there’s still need to access corporate business applications running on the mainframe, whether it’s through a laptop, smartphone, tablet or any other device with Internet connectivity. IT managers can now choose a simple and secure Pure Web solution to achieve this goal.
Un accès pure web au système mainframe

Pure Web solutions are based on HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, REST and WOA open standards, enabling simple and secure access to business mainframe applications without any additional hardware or software. They are ideal solutions, not only in terms of implementation but also for the reduced operating and maintenance costs (usually associated with alternative access methods like emulation), thanks to the specific functionality allowing simultaneous access to 3270 applications from any device and location.

Pure Web : access 3270 applications without alteration

A Pure Web access solution establishes a secured dialog between CICS, IMS or TSO applications and any workstation type or mobile device (smartphone, tablet), regardless of the underlying OS (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, etc.).
The dialog with the mainframe is automatically initiated in HTTP or HTTP/s mode, without need of any TN3270 protocols and, more importantly, without any additional software installation or intermediate server. No deployment process is required. Once the Pure Web solution is installed on the mainframe, it runs as a web server and works directly with any browser (IE, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, …) through a secured URL access. Additional features allow specific display customization, adapted to each device.

This type of architecture contrasts with many “thin-client” solutions that forward their API from workstations to tier servers and use the TN3270 protocol to support the client-server connection.

A secure access

From a security perspective, being directly implemented on the mainframe, the solution benefits either from the mainframe security protocols (RACF, TSS, AC2F, asynchronous mode, etc.) and from those of the IP environment (Proxy, SSO, SSL, firewall, DMZ, etc.). Indeed, a Pure Web access solution controls user rights for each data transaction and does not need to maintain IP sessions, considerably reducing security breaches. Moreover, the HTML protocol provides a whole range of possibilities (filters, scripts, URL configuration, etc.) to restrict user access rights. Users can thus access their applications without any specific configuration or installation required on their workstations.

Pure Web access solutions are perfectly adapted to the ever growing range of users’ workstations and complies with mobility challenges, easing the adaptation of information systems to new uses. They are ideal for mobile workers (salesmen, teleworkers, etc.), distribution networks (agents, brokers, distributors, etc.), suppliers (supply chain, logistics, etc.) or partners.