Opening the mainframe and boosting it by increasing web interactions

The fantasy about the disappearance of the mainframe has been going on for decades, since its demise was first predicted, and this rumour is still alive. Recent studies demonstrate quite the opposite : the mainframe is at the heart of many information systems for critical applications. Likewise, two-thirds of the business critical applications still run on mainframe; around the world, billions of banking and commercial transactions are handled daily by a mainframe.

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The Mainframe Isn’t Dead, but It Still Needs Protection

IMS applications: how to make the mainframe and the web dialog in real time?

Operating as a transactional system and a hierarchical database, the IMS platform has been chosen by many companies to host numerous strategic applications and data. Running on System z mainframes, IMS applications have worked for a long time in a vacuum, albeit at the heart of IT systems, and have rarely needed to interact with external systems… But things are different now.

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Accessing mainframe applications is a necessity, but in today’s world is that good enough?

Many factors such as mobility and e-business are worthy causes that encourage today’s ISD (IT System Department) to web enable and open their legacy applications to such technologies. However, these new technologies issuing from the “Cloud revolution”, simply “web-enabling” your application may not be enough…

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