Opening the mainframe and boosting it by increasing web interactions

The fantasy about the disappearance of the mainframe has been going on for decades, since its demise was first predicted, and this rumour is still alive. Recent studies demonstrate quite the opposite : the mainframe is at the heart of many information systems for critical applications. Likewise, two-thirds of the business critical applications still run on mainframe; around the world, billions of banking and commercial transactions are handled daily by a mainframe.

Far from being killed off by the evolution of the Internet, the mainframe has demonstrated its capacity to evolve with new web technologies, providing unique server performances and transaction capacities that cannot be matched by distributed servers. Today, Cloud technologies can be easily integrated and supported within a mainframe environment. Several scenarios are possible to adapt mainframe systems: upgrading, replacing applications with software packages, modernizing by freezing core applications, or opening the mainframe and make it interact with web services.

Le mainframe toujours au cœur des entreprises
The mainframe still at the core of business

Among these potential alternatives, opening the mainframe is the most relevant option, as it indeed enhances the existing legacy applications and investments while improving users and end customers satisfaction, to whom companies can offer new services within an optimized “time to market” frame.

Opening the mainframe to web technologies makes life easier for CIOs: short deployment times ensure a quick return on investment, while centralized environments improve security and reduce maintenance costs; clearly, the scalability of a mainframe platform makes it easier to answer business needs.

Companies hosting a mainframe System z, tempted to enrich their legacy applications to support new technologies and further understand the benefits of modernization, can learn more by clicking this link. Several documented case studies provide customized solutions that may help in determining the correct modernization roadmap.